Lakewood, WA

Step into the amazing loft world of a pre-teen’s dream bedroom, where creativity took center stage in crafting the perfect space. Imagine the super cool white and soft pink vibes that make this place so chill and comfy. Check out the genius wood cabinets and shelves we came up with—storage superheroes, making the most out of every nook and cranny. And speaking of cozy spots, there’s a plush custom day bed that’s practically a haven for chilling with a book or diving into a show. But wait, there’s more! Picture a queen-sized bed with a fairy-tale canopy for those dreamy nights. We had to get extra clever with storage in this loft, and trust us, it’s a win. Plus, there’s a reading nook featuring a hanging chair that’s basically the coolest thing ever. It’s ceiling-mounted, making it the perfect spot to snuggle up with your favorite book and let your imagination soar in your cozy loft hideaway.